by does - November 23, 2021 at 03:11 PM

Since this is a new shop that i just set up, i decide to do a discount of 20% for the first 20 purchases . (please leave a feedback , thanks Smile )

The coupon code is 


both coupons are working on both sites (so 40 coupons in total)

**READ the bottom part.**

[Image: JpPEf5Fz5JRilALmBt1v26RBBWb3U2BEUCH3PNuy.jpg]


This is a brand new Genuine License Key Bind to your Microsoft Account – 1 User.

You acquire an unused, valid product key to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus.
The product key can be used for both the 32 and 64-bit versions.
Product Key is valid for all available languages and regions: English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.
• One-time purchase for 1 PC. Can transfer copyrights to other devices.

How to Redeem and Install?

1. Go to or
2. Sign in with your Microsoft account details.
3. Enter your product key.
4. Download and install Office.
5. After install, just log with your Microsoft account, it will automatically activate your Office.

NOTE , the KEY that you will receive will be attached directly to the email account that you logged to .
upon entering the product key into it will bind the key to the email account .

Included Applications:

Microsoft Word 2021
Microsoft Excel 2021
Microsoft Access 2021
Microsoft PowerPoint 2021
Microsoft OneNote 2021
Microsoft Outlook 2021
Microsoft Publisher 2021
Microsoft InfoPath 2021

Office Professional Plus 2021 system requirements
Operating system: Windows 10/11

it wont work on older windows version ( )

License Authenticity

All of the products we offer in our catalog are full, retail versions that come with a genuine license key. You will be able register the license key online, as well as download updates. You can verify the authenticity of any key with the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool. In the rare instance that a key doesn't pass validation, we will immediately issue you a refund.

Upon reservastion it will take around 30m-1h for you to receive the key (incase i am awake) , but no later then 24h , incase the key does not arrive within the 24h you will be able to get fully refunded if you wish not to receive the key anymore , PLEASE FILL the information box upon purchasing if you wish to get the key even if its been 24h , if i see its been over 24h i will check what you fill there, if its a YES i will send the key after 24h if its a NO i will refund .

for any question you can contact me at @does in raidforum or @pip5557 in telegram or you can allways contact me here  -

There is a warranty of 2 weeks upon purchasing .
bump it is still up to date .
I'm sorry, I placed an order but I made a mistake because I don't have enough BTC on that wallet I was expecting to use.
(November 27, 2021 at 12:25 AM)KillForTheThrill Wrote: I'm sorry, I placed an order but I made a mistake because I don't have enough BTC on that wallet I was expecting to use.

thats alright , no worries .

pm me with amount that you got .

i will add soon ETH aswell (if you have any..)
bump it is still up to date .
bump it is still up to date .

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