SELLING ➕ EU Covid Certificates ➕ Green Pass ➕ 3/3 Doses ➕ CHEAP #FUCKEU
by DocEU - November 20, 2021 at 09:47 AM
(November 23, 2021 at 10:37 AM)miniaturehack Wrote: Guys ONLY and ALWAYS USE MIDDLEMAN!!!!!!!

He is defintely NOT doing with middle man. When asking for a deal with MM he is ignoring you on TG. Then change your TG user name and ask for a cert without asking for MM- you get immediate response. Funny, right Smile.

I would be very sceptical, better go with other trusted dealers who are REALLY offering MM.
On Telegram the answers are very fast. I have send the Money now i waiting for the Result. I let you know.
I received my order 20 minutes ago
perfectly working, he is a man of word

thanks to the seller
All fake comments. do NOT buy
How do you know they’re fake? :D

I can show every proof of transactions and sales with those people

If you don’t have anything to do that posting on the forum it’s not my problem!!
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Don't fall in a potential SCAM. Make sure to use middle man. You have been warned.
Still waiting for he's response to go with MM...
Dont think so this will happen Smile
Possible cop and/or scammer?
36+ hours are over, he's a scammer  Sleepy
I ordered 3 days ago, but i got my pass finally today
he said he had some work to do

i can vouch for him

I had some stuff going on IRL but now I am back
Will deliver orders for people who didn't get it yet
Please text me on telegram
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No answer since two days on Wickr, so I guess scammed kek

Edit: He answered now though, will post again in case he doesn't scam me and completes the order.

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