Russian bank SEBRBANK 450K users listing with L / P
by XBOPOCT - 03-15-2019, 10:22 PM
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Hi mate, can you give us more infor about leak? date, records, data..?
421k lines AccountName,DisplayName,CanonicalName :\
it's an active directory dump

Churmantayev-DM,"Чурмантаев Динар Мунирович",""
Sizov-AV,"Сизов Алексей Викторович",""
Shchukina-NN,"Щукина Наталья Николаевна",""
morozov,"Морозов Юрий Евгеньевич",""
Brely-KV,"Брель Кирилл Владимирович",""
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thank you for sharing
it's an active directory dump
is there phone numbers?
I apologize, but this is not Sberbank's customer base, it is a public base of internal employees, containing the name and login on the bank’s internal network, without access from outside. And does not contain passwords.

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