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Rumor: Diamond No Ace Season 3
This news is not super-new, but it is also not very well known.

During a big concert of the band brass the voice actor of one of the main characters of the show (eijin sawamura) performed a small recitation drama and said afterwards that the Anime is not over and it will continue for sure!

This is just a tease and no official announcement, but hey, it's better than nothing. If he is so sure, Diamond No Ace doesnt seem to be off the table, right?

Afaik, it is also still in the top 20 Manga and the creator is reliably producing new content. So why not do another season? Especially since Season 2 ended in a very inconvinient moment and S2 has also been introducing a lot of new characters that are just about to join the team...

Glowing glowing ... Wink
WEll that's great for you but idc
Well that's nice ! let's hope it's good
Thats good, I hope its true :D

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