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Rules regarding Advertising
So, many of you know i got banned for "advertising after warning"

Why I think this ban was unfair is another topic so i posted it there: EDIT-BAN PROBLEM RESOLVED, NVM

The "advertising" i was doing was posting the link to my raiding teams forum.

I know advertising is not allowed, so i asked @d4n a few weeks ago if it was ok to post it.

He said that it was ok, because it had to do with raiding and did NOT compete with RF, its just the forum for my RF raiding team.

But still, i got banned. (if youre wondering why i still posted link after warning click here: NVM, PROBLEM SOLVED)

So, if this kind of advertising is NOT allowed, are RF related forums even allowed (to mention)?

I think it would help if we get a CLEAR statement from the mods/admins and some more detailed rules.
no you cant, you will now be permabanned.
Yeah, rules on this need to be more clear and detailed so bans can be avoided.
(10-09-2015, 11:01 PM)Arctic Wrote:  no you cant, you will now be permabanned.

Rest in peace Evanescor.
Come on guys.

1. @[MVP] took his ban like a real man. If your read his statement you must realize this was some form of miscommunication.
2. He asks a good question on the: "If this kind of advertising is NOT allowed, are RF related forums even allowed (to mention)?" It looks to me that some people are and others are not. Please make a clear rule.
I will look into adding more details when it comes to rules, but posting websites without the intention of raiding them is not allowed. Especially linking to personal forums (which is why you got banned).

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