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Roblox whining and big ego kids
this game is full of cops kids whining and complaining and abusing, and the fbi are just big ego kids who think they're cool, when they're in trouble they call their big daddy smiley reborn, smiley reborn is admin but he always abuses his power, I killed him once then he kicked me from the server without any warning and I was banned from the server meaning I cant get in back, The next day I saw smileyreborn in the game so what i did was hold up a sign that said smiley is trash, you know what happend he kicked me, then he went to his discord server to talk shit with his cock sucking slaves, after that I planned a revenge plan id give my money to my alts and buy the gun for the gun store and then killed smiley and then spam TRASH REBORN and then he kicked me , so i keep using all my alts and then I keep killing him until rage quits and then talks shit about me on discord and telling his slaves to find my ip

if you want to take down the game and discord and spam report smiley reborn here is the link.    (also spam TRASH REBORN smileyreborn really gets mad about it )

also call smileyreborn TRASH REBORN every time you kill him


Smiley reborn's profile

discord channel

the game creater's youtube channel

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