Rework the credit system
by Hater - August 30, 2021 at 06:22 PM
Poll: Should the credit system be reworked?
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PROBLEM: The current credit system does not create a sufficient incentive to share data.

In the early days of Raidforums, when credits were scarce, the community was incentivized to publish leaks to keep unlocking data. The current credit economy is inflated and there is no material incentive for new members to publish more than one or two leaks. For example, I have most of the data on the forum unlocked as well as 7,000+ credits to spare, meaning that I'll not gain anything material by leaking more. This problem could be partially solved by resetting the credits, however it'd only be a temporary solution.

SUGGESTION: Rework the credit system.

Instead of an inflationary credit system, let's have a deflationary system with a limited amount of credits that are tradable. Here's an example, of how such a system could work:
  • 1,000,000 credits are "minted". (all numbers are examples, no idea if 1M would work out well).
  • Omnipotent gets 600,000 credits, the rest are fairly distributed to current credit holders or sold ICO style, or distributed by ranks.
  • Leakers pay a small fee, of let's say 2 credits to publish a leak. Staff members check and approve new leaks and receive 2 credits for it (staff member becomes a paid position).
  • Unlocking a leak costs 3 credits, Omnipotent receives 1, the leaker receives 2.
  • The credits can be sent to other users, thus creating a credit economy, where credits can be donated or sold on the market for real money, or exchanged for goods.
  • Omnipotent has 600,000 credits and gets commission from the leaks.

  • If the amount of credits someone has is displayed on their profile, it becomes a deposit/guarantee against scams, as scammers would simply sell the credits before scamming.

  • Leakers can earn real money, creating an incentive to leak again.
  • Creates an incentive for leakers to keep files up.
  • Staff members earn credits for approving leaks, thus improving the quality of various releases.
  • Credits act as a deposit, reducing the number of scams.
  • Credit transactions could be reversed by staff, making scamming for credits more complicated.
  • People could tip credits for quality posts, improving the quality of content.
  • Seems like a better system from a legal perspective, though Omnipotent will know better.
  • Omnipotent becomes less dependent on payment methods (PayPal) as he can sell large amounts of credits for crypto to users who will resell them in smaller amounts / for other payment methods.
  • Could make the community more active - tipping, gambling, showing off.

  • A lot of work needed to implement and tune the system.

TLDR: Limit the number of credits in circulation and make them tradable.

Just thought of this idea and I'm sure it can be improved. What are your thoughts?
This is so funny, because it almost seems like you believe that we could/would make an RF ShitCoin, thanks for calling us out on our moderation though.

If only you could use this weird button that says “Report”, and report things as you find them. (Might I remind you that even if when we accepted a thread, the link can still go down AFTER its creation)
Good idea from @Hater , Yeah, the credit system need review to trigger interest in sharung data as you said. But there is a caveat. This is not the conventional business spectrum. RF is a platform where the founders and users will not want to reveal their identities. By emerging your feet on some cryptos or ICOs projects, you open your ass up, and you will see the sharks coming for you-companies whose data compromise were publish here will sue you.

But there is a thread for buying and selling leaks. Those who donot want to share to get credits can sell and make money for themselves.

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