Reliable email service
by margoze12 - May 05, 2021 at 08:47 AM
Any recommendations of services that one can use to reliably send emails?

Do any of you clean their list first (to minimize bounces)?
Have you tried these?
protonmail is fine with a bit more privacy
you should give protonmail a try
Protonmail is deleting peoples accounts now if a cunt complains. They just fucked a leftwing watch group for publishing public information because the lefty bitches complained saying they were doxxing people. Meanwhile, commie groups that do it everyday have been left untouched. So be leery of that shit.
Aws ses is a good way to send high volume of emails

i can clear bounce for you with 100% accuracy because i will send a testing email to them
I've found these services to be really good... Sendgrid, Mailgun, SendinBlue

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