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Regarding the recent wave of "SJW"
Hello, I just wanted to update you on my plans for RF. As you may have noticed, recently there have been more and more people exposing raids and warning streamers of incoming trolls. This is designed, as all of these people are from my blog []. I have recruited them to stop HARMFUL raids. I still think we can operate as a raiding site, but things like ruining kids electronics, ddos, dox, and hateful speech should not be tolerated.

I just wanted to let you know where all these people are coming from, they are my friends and we are doing what we can to stop bullying.
Noone gives a shit lol
This is Raidforums, so how about no.
Kill yourself pls and don't forget to stream it, we have your dox you are a fat guy with 0 friends so gfto
Obvious troll is obvious
kool stry bro gtfo.
Kill yourself.
Go die in a ditch.
if they are so stupid to put butter on their pc, they fucking deserved it
Prepare the rope my friend
What is bullying?
'Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. ' So my parents bully me? My teachers bullies me? The police bullies me? I'm gonna kill myself now.

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