Reddit or 4chan?
by MoistNugget101 - December 20, 2016 at 05:20 PM
reddit is the best!!!!
Neither as both are Cancer. Loser users and even worse people running them. Both are among the most heavily censored and monitored. Just a big timesink.
4chan... no.. reddit
neither nor but since u asked, reddit
4chan because reddit's community is worse
4 chan i guess. But only /b/
reddit obviously is superior
4chan is sick as fuck, and the modds are sleeping there

reddit is more civilized i guess...
Reddit is tones better than 4chan

1. Archives all posts
2. Has extremely illegal sections and posts are not removed
3. Lack of censorship
4. Has communities of trolls and pretty much everyone you could think of
5. Doesn't need a email to sign up.
4chan is just for standard retard shit where nobody cares and OP is a fag no matter what

reddit has more subs to offer and who doesn't love a good watch people die or 50/50 every once in a while (also asian andy exposed as beta NEVER FORGET CX)
4chan is more amusing for random shit, reddit is a massive circlejerk that is kinda decent when you filter out the main garbage on the front page.
I never used 4chan, i used reddit abit, it's pretty decent

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