Recruiting new members for my Gang
by Sosolapute - January 28, 2021 at 01:31 AM
Hello guys, today I have the pleasure to introduce you to the V sign gang. Every member that joins will be receiving 100billion Vbucks (no scam guarantee). However there are some requirements to fulfill in order to be eligible to join: 1- having an IQ of 2 digits   Lightbulb 2- Obedient in nature  Lightbulb 3- Never questioning dumb decisions   Lightbulb 4- Always trusting your *This message has been censored*(Because we all know they always say the truth)  Lightbulb 5- Logic and rationality must not exist in your world  Lightbulb 6- Being a cuck or enjoying being one Lightbulb 7- Hating on small businesses and helping giant pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer to get even more money. If you’re British, you don’t need to read the above list, you automatically qualify.  Look forward to receiving your applications. Here is a picture of our gang (Already three members)
hello, would like to join gang #Trump2021
Ho I'm disapointed I think it was a gang on GTA :(
What are you current gang affiliations and conflicts? I don't want to step on anyone's toes

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