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Reason im here
The entire reason I am here is to be a good troll. I have trolled people in almost any game you can think of , mine craft, garrys mod, call of duty, battlefield, etc. I thought that if I join raid forums it would put my skill to even more use and it would be fun to troll people as well.
Welcome @Colinthetroll To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

lmao well welcome man, just don't do anything stupid pl0x
Welcome Nig, you will be a troll master someday, believe in yourself and JUST DO IT. Have fun and ALLLLAHU AKBARR.
Read the rules and have fun!
Don't troll the nazi mods too hard, they may ban you if you hurt their pride Kappa

Welcome and have fun !!
Welcome youngblood!
Welcome! dont be a cunt Heart Kappa
Sounds like the usual Rftechpony.
Well i mean whatever floats your boat Fam.
Do you think the jews did 9/11?
Fuck them good brother.
welcome to radforums, dont be autistic and youll fit in just fine

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