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Read Before You Make a Recommendation Thread
As the site grows larger, I can already see the "Recommend Me" topics becoming an issue with this section.  I will be making this post, so that I can delete any pointless recommendation threads.  In this thread, I will recommend anime that I have seen or am currently watching for beginner watchers.  With that being said, if you make a thread that disregards everything said in this thread, I will boost your warning level to 50% for a week.  Here are my recommendations.
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Beginner Fams < Elfen Lied
Im sorry i had to.
[Image: tumblr_mm8yztHCC51spox3yo1_500.gif]
You know all the good anime :3
or you could google it
tfw i'm the only one here with the authority to recommend animes, here's my list that I pulled from my anime1 acc. (some are missing but whatever)
These aren't even that good
mirrai nikki is very hq
Tokyo Ghoul is Juicy
i like this page
ok so how do i worl this beacuse i know that this is very important, thx for the help, dont accutally reply to this. thx

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