>Read Before Posting<
by Omnipotent - November 23, 2016 at 06:01 PM
The following things will get you banned or your thread/post deleted.
  • Posting Databases already on the forum, please use the search here┬áto check if the database is already on the forum.
  • Posting Spam such as "Gr8 Leak 0832Y49072Y651978345091823745109234781-02" or just posting the same message in multiple threads.
  • Posting hidden database links or sending the links to other people for download, everyone needs to unlock the posts themselves.
  • Asking for a database link from the poster of the database in private messages.
  • Making alt accounts to spam on the forum and gain credits, please gain credits like all other users on the forum by either buying them or earning them rightfully.
  • Making posts on multiple threads asking for the date of the hack or other info when this is easily searchable on google or haveibeenpwned.
  • Posting a thread about requesting or buying/selling databases, please see this thread.
Try to do the following:
  • Leave likes on people's database threads if the thread is older than 6 months so you don't gravedig.
  • If you are posting a big database or a private one that is important then contact one of the mods or myself so we can upload the database to our server for you.
  • Post your databases so you can earn credits from others unlocking your content.
  • If you are the owner of a thread that has its link outdated but you cant edit your thread, please contact @Omnipotent or @Sem with the new link so they can update your thread for you.
  • Update your links on your databases so people do not think they are being scammed when they open your links.
  • Use the report button on any posts that are reposting databases or that have offline link.
  • Try not to upload to mega because they will delete the files and you will have to reupload. Try Upload Here: 1, 2, 3

All Content inside the Official subforum is confirmed and uploaded to our own hosting so that it does not get taken down. If you unlock something anywhere else and the database link is not working then you might lose your credits or have to wait for the poster to update the link.
You can now thank people by posting on their threads saying "Thanks" in your own way, as long as you dont spam.
You still earn credits if people unlock your content.

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