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Reaction Channels: Good or Bad Debate
So I was just talking about this to my cousins just now. One of my cousins and I like reaction channels, while the other two don't.

My belief is that there are many great reactioners on YouTube (BlastHD, who's been threatened by YouTube several times for copyright reasons btw), who have put in the work for their fans/subscribers.

However, my cousins argued that reactioners that have a large following become narcissistic and money-hungry, and their content just turns to shit. They also argued that reaction content is always recycled, although I argued that there is always new material that needs reacting, which makes the genre/category great.

So what do you guys think? Are reaction channels good or bad?
I'm not really a fan of reaction channels, but I get why some people might like them. It's about the same reason people watch twitch streams. They like to watch people play their favorite video games and see their emotions towards it (in this case, towards videos/television shows). You don't see the creators of the game copyrighting and taking down streams for making money off of their game. I guess when it comes to youtube, it depends on the channel who is doing the reaction. Either if they put more content in the videos they make, or just basically rip off the whole video and just add their face cam next to it. Some people like Jinx who do this are what makes the reaction genre seem bad, but it could be good if they put more thought into it. Rant channels like LeafyisHere and IHateEverything can be considered reaction channels, since they basically just react to a problem or video they stumbled upon. However, the thing that makes them different, is they only show portion of the video, and give their full input on it. So, there basically isn't a good or bad, it just depends on the content creators.

TL;DR: Depends on the channel
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They're bad.
A person who can pump out a reaction video a day with hardly any contribution other than their face edited in will make more money off of YouTube than someone who actually puts legitimate effort into their videos to create good content, all while managing to leech off of other people's content.

It's not a question whether they're good or bad, it's a question of how bad they are.

Regardless of how much they polish it up, they're still 'creating' off of other people's content. This is especially scummy with YouTube, because someone who clicks on their video will be giving them the ad revenue money rather than the original creators. Honestly, what are the chances you'll go to the original creator to give them a view after you've already seen the video in someone else's reaction video?

'Reactioners' are a parasite on the internet and I honestly can't wait until people lose interest in them.
It depends do you mean H3H3 or CJSOCOOL?

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