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Rate Donald Trump from 1 to 10
he is not the worst ever, but bad enough, I give him 3
grabbing America by the pussy, solid 10
years ago, when  watched TV shows about Trump and his work, I was saying that he is geat man, struggling for his empire. and now that he has become president, he is acting like a senile grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
Lowest rate  1
i probably give him 5/5
0 he is being controlled by our government so it doesn’t really matter
I cant vote till the end.. Sorry. Iam sure he has some mind to be in that position. On the other hand maybe its lost on the way.. We will see..
as a president a number in the minus, as a businessman can you fault him?
He is a business man, and is helping America's economy a lot, but he doesn't know how to shut his trap. I give him a 6
He is keeping his word man but he didn`t get rid of the mexicans, I`l give him a 9
Easy 10/10 so so hot wow
Solid 8 for me. Still has to build the wall, still has to deport the illegals, still letting in way too many people from war zones. Doing a good job on economy, jobs, etc though.
normally 0, but because he is a good comic i'll give him a 5 :p

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