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Raiding a phisher
Hello dear raiding board.
So, I usually do a fair amount of steam trades for... god knows what reason... and I stumbled upon this one character a week ago or so, and managed to get along.
Well yesterday he came back to me and begged me to give him stuff. I wouldn't be mad if he stopped there, but he insisted and got verbal (oh boy, I must be lucky to be seperated by a wall of text from this macho). Basically, I said I'd block him but didn't, waiting for a reaction. Today I got sent a phishing link (pricture related: [Image: qhfnCRr.jpg])

I'm not a person to hold a grudge, but this guy is the 2nd guy that's pissed me off like this. If anyone would be kind enough and go spam, report and whatever you guys plan on doing to him, I'd be really gratefull. If anyone needs a favor in return feel free to find me again and I'll hopefully find the message in my e-mail in time.

Results and process on anything interesting would be greatly appreciated Biggrin .
Godspeed all.

Related links:
His profile:
Phishing site he used (ending seperated to avoid accidents): (QAQJXE)

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