Raiding Discord Servers
by FWhisky - December 02, 2017 at 08:24 PM

Hit the check mark in verification and spam away please
Raid away! Owner is power hunger and boots people randomly for no reason.
Pedophile admins and owner, of course weebs and it's run like a dictatorship. They groom children. Currently mods are camping general so I suggest waiting. 

Spam ping as many people when you come in, post whatever you want. Owner is afraid and has turned on phone verification so you may need to verify your number as well.

owner is a egirl that sends nudes around n shit
full of tryhard edgy shit, have fun raping it:
lol this is all great

Can y'all raid this server..? It's runned by a 13 Year old by the way.. Plus they have NSFW shown to everyone! So go for it!
This server deserves divine retribution
Yo, can people raid this kid's server.

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