Raiding Discord Servers
by FWhisky - December 02, 2017 at 08:24 PM
hey guys, raid this server please :Smile 

have a good night
please raid
Hey guys don't raid this discord:
Here's one.  The Admins are complete penises and abuse their power.

Guys raid this server pleaseSmile

Admins are total fuckheads to community and are using community for personal monetary gains.

Thanks in advance!

Bots they are using: 
Battle bot 
Eris Bot
Dyno Bot 
Flash Bot
MEE6 Bot
Stat Tracker
Do your worst guys

Raid this server please. The moderators treat everyone like shit and the server owner abused a child and denies it, persuades 13-year-olds to become patrons, and he has a ton of money, yet refuses to help people in need. Just look at how much he rakes in from his Patreon a month, and he lives on his own, born into wealth in a rich neighborhood in Brighton, London. He has it all, but treats his 'fans' as if they hold no sentimental value to him whatsoever. 
I would very much love if this server was raided.

Discord Invite:

Thank you very much.

If you can, delete the server or at least bad mouth it, spreading this server's both toxic and cancerous awareness by sharing this link to other servers who too raid.
#10 raid this discord and just spam the living hell out of it
(April 05, 2018 at 08:22 AM)enzadenino Wrote: raid this discord and just spam the living hell out of it

There is an assehole mole reading this and running to the discord servers that are getting posted here to warn them.
The particular server that we were planning a raid on and I posted about actually upgraded their security to maximum level thanks to this douchebag. He is taking screenshots of everything posted here. 

[Image: Herse3.jpg]
Raid this server plz

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)][/color]


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