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Raidforums on TOR Browser
Works OK for me, albeit a bit slow.
Why do you even use tor here? you aren't doing anything illegal if you browse and download stuff from here
You dont really need TOR for browsing raidforums x d?
Tor works fine for me on the forums
Tor is fine with the forum.
Don't enable javascript on Tor... if you view illegal shit and you have javascript enabled you are most likely going to get caught.. please

Sources... Please read and watch carefully (PLEASE READ)
Captcha fails sometimes when connecting through Tor but that's google's problem not raidforums'. Switching a tor circuit helps most of the time. Please always use Tor browser from Tor project not your regular browser proxied through tor, if you wish to remain secure. There's a reason why Tor button was discontinued and replaced with Tor browser bundle. There's always a why? But that's yours to answer.
use proxychain and then the name of the application (aka browser)
Or you can just use a normal browser, no one's coming after you lol
Tor is fine, but this is essentially a forum for releasing a database set that has filtered from the onion network.
Ban reason: Multiaccounting to to avoid post count - (Permanent)
Why would you go on raidforums with tor anyways? xd Try enabling javascript. It'll ask for verification but it'll work (but it'll be slow )
The TOR browser will always be buggy and if you're using the TOR network, a slow relay can make server timeouts drop your request making the CAPTCHA fail too.

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