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RaidFourms, Here I Come
I know I kinda posted this late (like a month late) but I'll introduce myself.
I am a 26 yr old person living in an apartment. I came here because raiding is really fun and funny as hell. That is really it, I like raiding, raiding is really fun, so yeah. I guess.
Welcome @HalfCroissant To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

lonely faggot

welcome kappa
Welcome to RF. It's ok to come out from the shadows of the lurking forest.
welcome to radforums, dont be autistic and youll be fine
ayy lmao nice to have you on board.
Remember to read rules and don't be a skid, be a SQUID!
hi welcome to monsters university where all your scaring dreams will become true

hi for cereals tho
Welcome. Fun to see adults here. 98% of RF are 14 yo skids. Have Fun
Welcome old man! Read the rules and don't have cardiac arrest!

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