RaidForums Silk Road 3.0
Silk Road 3.0
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I am Dread Pirate Roberts the owner of the original Silk Road. I have now brought the Silk Road to RaidForums where anyone will be able to buy our EXLUSIVE merchandise. You will be able to find that fresh OG Kush Mary Jane Heart Coke, Hero, and many many more. Here below will be a list of just the TIP of the Dick.


The best place to get weed from better than your local nigger dealer. Heart
[Image: BBcbm31.png]


One of our best drug to take you to your happy world  :D . You will be successfully raiding people on Twitch and Younow! Maybe you will also be Hijacking them and get popular on RF. 
[Image: k1sbWZQ.png]


Here we even sell nudes! Want Predator's nudes ? You got it. Want FR0ST's Nudes? You got it. Want Mimi's Nudes?! YOU GOT IT! Just contact us at [email protected]

More to be posted! If you are interested in buying these please pay using BitCoin as it encrypts end to end money transferring!

This is obviously a joke do not take this seriously...
Ban reason: Omniscient ban evaded on this account after he was banned in the shoutbox for spam and then proceed to spam again For further notice Silk Road his Omniscient's brother's old account which Omniscient now uses (Permanent)
KEK I thought this was real until i read the end and I was like this isn't onion... M9
ngl, I was legitimately going to take you up on that og kush offer... but k
m8 kys make the world a better place
purchased '10g of Heroin'
feds waiting at my door 20 minutes later
OP is snitch
I want predators and cridets nudes pls
I can steal my mums credit card and give it to you if you want
*swat team busts down door*

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