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Rabid SJW Partial Dox - Still needs address
Note the original dox is not mine, I copied it to a new paste for easier editing access.  I do not take any credit for finding any information other than related family.  

Basically, I've been trying to dig up info on any possible addresses on this rabid Dumblr SJW and have found nothing of meaning other than a related family member's business.  If anyone wants to try and dig up any more info on what the address is she may be living under, please do.   This has been a three hour attempt at scouring for family members and locations that seems to be turning up dry.
I'll finish it up for you. Fucking hate ignorant SJW's. Nothing on the internet is private.
any sjw deserves to get bleed by the stake
I may have found the right address, but I'm not sure.  I found that she lives on a horse farm, and the only thing related to that is that one of the related family member's runs one nearby.  I kind of unsure about it, but I want to believe that is her mother and that they do live there.

Current paste of what I have.
Though I should probably update it with information pertaining to the business they run.

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