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ROBLOX Raiding
We've all seen an ad for that shit game ROBLOX, so why not raid it? There are a few games in which you cannot play as your custom designed character, but that shouldn't matter. Join roleplay games, or even action games that let you play as you character.

Step 1:
Register. Make a fake e-mail or whatever so you can say things without them being from a predetermined list or covered in hashtags.
Step 2:
Familiarize yourself with the layout and controls. Basic shit.
Step 3:
Click on the "character" tab on the left side of the menu on the webpage.
Step 4:
If you are stupid enough to invest money into dressing up as the creepiest guy ever, go for it. But for peasants with no cash like you and me, the bottom left-ish corner has a bunch of quadrilaterals. Those refer to your character's body part color. Change those into colors that make you look nude. Customize the things you have equipped until you are ugly as fuck.
Step 5:
Join a game. Roleplay games are good, like "Darkened Dawn", a sack of shit roleplay game. Zoom in with the scroll wheel and repeatedly tap W+S to simulate humping. You can even walk up to someone who's at the right height to suck you off and press "/" and say pedophile things like "Keep on sucking child". Profanity is censored so do your best raiders.
Step 6:
Get your friends and mass raid a server.
I thought people already do that?
Holy shit, Great Idea. Gonna do this with some friends of mine IRL.
We should target FnafFag Roleplaying servers.
Ban reason: hacked, make ban appeal when password changed. (Permanent)
(08-16-2015, 11:18 PM)ShadowLink142 Wrote:  We should target FnafFag Roleplaying servers.

yes those are the greatest results

she's my personal hump fest
(08-16-2015, 05:12 PM)LeSpookySkeleton Wrote:  Holy shit, Great Idea. Gonna do this with some friends of mine IRL.

it's great if you do it with your friends and all just target one person and say really gay shit or hint at you being a group of serial killers
Peeps already do this....

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