#RIP Avicii
by gplans - 04-21-2018, 06:24 PM
Loved his music but not gonna say I was a big fan I didn't really follow his last footsteps before he passed
(04-21-2018, 07:04 PM)Raviolli Wrote: Who that?
Can't find him on the memberslist.

He is one of the most talented music producers in the world. He created many hits that made EDM mainstream.

Rest in peace buddy :(
His music is my motivation
Rip my idol
I can't believe
Rip :(
Avicii never RIP, please RIP other
I don't know much about him, Avicii, but his music is amazing
RIP Avicii, one of the best DJ :(
RIP Avicii
I was so sad when I heard the news, he was gone too young.
His tracks will keep make the crowds dance for a long time
RIP avicii, he is magician music  Huh
RIP #Avicii. #you are best
suicide is never the answer to anyone's question. RIP
Great Musican, Rest in Peace!

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