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#RIP Avicii
Rest in peace, I remember listening to him well on molly, good times.
RIP for sure. He will definitely be missed :(
RIP avici, he was my favourite dj ????
sad sad news, He died to early
Agree RIP was one of my favourites! RIP
One of the best DJ in the past few years, too bad.
better dj than some of the new guys
live fast die young, so crazy you really don't know when your time is up
what are some of his best works that we can remember him by?
While it's tragic that someone so young and talented has lost their life, I do kinda think that a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon with social media posts - like when Bowie passed away and everyone started listening to his music etc. I would bet a vast majority of people who have posted "RIP" messages on Twitter etc have never listened to an Avicii track in their life.
His newer music wasn't that bad.
Omg , wake me up, level, my heros

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