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#RIP Avicii
Gone at only 28. You will be so missed.
Fuck. not in 27 year club :(
RIP AVICII,, I LOVE THAT GUY AND ALWAYS WILL.. Live in peace Bro ! Keep on Dj'ing Without Us
Who that?
Can't find him on the memberslist.
sadly. When I read it, could not believe it. Life really knows to be shitty
Sad to see all these beautiful musicians leaving us lately. Rest In Piece Heart
rest in peace, buddy
Great guy! It was sad to read about it!
That day was very very terrible day. He created nice music and had lots of supporters around the world
I was really sad to learn he was gone. Don't love all of his songs, but I can't deny he had a big influence on the world of EDM :'(
Damn, he died too young ...
RIP #Avicii. #you are best

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