[RESOLVED] Scam Report against ProlanceDATA | 150$
by kraghav23 - November 19, 2019 at 08:52 AM
Name: ProlanceDATA / https://raidforums.com/User-ProlanceDATA

Product: 5 countries databases with name/mobile number

How did you get scammed: We spoke a week ago and he told me that he has the product and it would cost 150 $ so I agreed and send him the payment (Never had a problem with this guy... we traded more than a few times and everything was fine and on time) After that and for the past one week Ive been hearing all excuses about bad weather conditions and how im going to receave them today and etc (All of that you can see in my PMs). He even told me that he would refund me a procent of the money until the delivery is done, but that was a lie also (Again check my PMs for proof of payment) I hate to do this, but more that enough time has passed and I even told him that im going to start a scam report, but he still didnt delivered

Time of scam: One week ago
@ProlanceDATA You have 24 Hours to respond to this thread, with a proper rebuttal.
Hi, sorry for the late reply will have your product deliver tomorrow around 2 pm montreal time
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Failure to Respond to Scam Report // Scamming.
Any update?
As I expected, just another lie... nothing has been delivered nor any money have been send
This report has been deemed by me as resolved and the user was banned.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent
This thread has been reopened as Prolance has contacted me offsite, and offered to refund.

Please provide me with your Payment Address, So that I may relay it to him.
This report has been deemed by me as resolved.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent

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