[REPOST] Fenerium Database TR Football Team HQ
by zer0dayz - May 14, 2021 at 04:45 PM
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Name,Mail,company,adress,phone turkish id , orders

example :

First Name,Last Name,Email,Company,Address1,Address2,City,Province,Province Code,Country,Country Code,Zip,Phone,Accepts Marketing,Total Spent,Total Orders,Tags,Note,Tax Exempt
Çiğdem,Yazıcıoğlu,[email protected],,,,,,,,,,,yes,0.00,0,,,no
abdu,tok,[email protected],gom,campinia,09978070,Antwerpen,,,Belgium,BE,'2170,0486968729,yes,0.00,0,,,no
cansel,cingöz,[email protected],"",Merkez Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi Arif Sami Toker Sokak Burçaklar Sitesi 3B Blok B Girişi No:6 Daire 20 Bahçelievler-İstanbul,31297495606,istanbul,,,Turkey,TR,'34197,05373737528,yes,0.00,0,,,no
Ezgi,Şenol,[email protected],Ogrenci,Yildiztepe mah 148 sok no 8 kat 3 nazilli,31747053820,Aydin,,,Turkey,TR,'09800,05452233735,yes,0.00,1,,,no
Oğuzhan ,Çağatay ,[email protected],"",Kemalpaşa Mah. Park Cad. No:10- İnegöl Vergi Dairesi,38248244948,Bursa,,,Turkey,TR,'16400,05545455693,yes,117.85,1,,,no
Furkan,ÇELİK,[email protected],,,,,,,,,,,yes,0.00,0,,,no
MUSTAFA,BEKTAŞ,[email protected],"",PİYALEPAŞA MAH. FATİH SULTAN CAD. KONAK CAMİ PASAJI NO:14/2 KASIMPAŞA,"",İSTANBUL,,,Turkey,TR,'34440,5325584828,yes,0.00,0,,,no
yıldız,akköklü,[email protected],,,,,,,,,,,yes,0.00,0,,,no
This has already been shared publicly. How many lines do you have in yours?

I browsed my folders, yes this data has already been shared.
this data has already been shared bro....
is it cointaining phone numbers?
Useless, there is only 3k user and this is realy old and already shared. I spent my credits for nothing...
This thread has been closed due to it being a repost, please check the official index & search before posting any more threads and make sure your database has not been posted yet.

Reposting can lead to a ban.

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