by smo8k - November 22, 2021 at 05:01 PM
Reposting the FBI's nonsense

(November 22, 2021 at 05:01 PM)smo8k Wrote: Reposting the FBI's nonsense


For what ? Does anyone need a number to call them ? Just get a phone book & look under US GOVERNMENT. Your not getting their home numbers, they generally opt out of all Voter lists, even though they vote. You won't find them listed in Consumer Data, unless they are a retard. Only some, as with most government employees, cops & judges. Only a few out of a 1,000 are ever found in those things & its generally because they bought something, or had a bad credit rating. Even Homeland Security & the fucking Border Patrol (ICE) stay out of things like that. They are all cowards with guns & hide from Public View. That is why it take 25 cops to shoot one retard with a knife standing 30 feet way from them talking shit while having mental issues & off their medication. They are AFRAID the retard will scratch their bullet proof vest & get their uniform dirty if they can run 30 feet faster than a bullet. That is why it takes 25 of them. The main requirement for the job is to be scared & know how to shoot people who look like they might hurt them. There was a time when a cop would be by himself & if he ran into a retard like that, he would walk up to them & either take the knife or kick their ass, but those days are gone, only cowards need apply these days.
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