[REPOST] FBI personnel database
by sinnar - November 22, 2021 at 01:59 PM
Name , surname , phone number , email , adresse


Abruzzino, Wendy  SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7190  US [email protected] 
Absher, Carol r  INTERN      [email protected] 
Abusuneima, Nehad  TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 646-696-2486 2486  US [email protected] 
Abusuneima, Nizar  CONTRACTOR 646-696-2405  US [email protected] 
Abusway, Eyad A  TASK FORCE OFFICER 859-426-3355  US [email protected] 
Acayan, Justina A  FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400    [email protected] 
Accardo, Matthew W  SPECIAL AGENT 415-558-1148  US [email protected] 
Accardo, Paula J  EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 623-466-1999 1265    [email protected] 
Ace, Brian K  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8357  US [email protected] 
Acedillo, Dori B  OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7400 2702  US [email protected] 
Acee, Bryan M  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1663  US [email protected] 
Aceituno, Roberto A  FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-9830 49830  US [email protected] 
Aceto, Elyse A    202-233-1249  US [email protected] 
Acevedo, Carlos A  OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 787-997-2600  US [email protected] 
Acevedo, Harry  FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-3999 4047    [email protected] 
Acevedo, Jason M  TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-345-1111    [email protected] 

Acevedo, Javier  TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000    [email protected] 
Acevedo, Jesse U  INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 713-936-8352 8352  US [email protected] 
Acevedo, Manuel  TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200    [email protected] 
Acevedo, Marco  SPECIAL AGENT 928-226-2614  US [email protected] 
Acevedo, Maria  FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7925 7925  US [email protected] 
Aceves, Maria G  FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-7773 47773  US [email protected] 
Achin, Scott A  CONTRACTOR 304-625-5344 0    [email protected] 
Achreja, Ratandeep S  CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000    [email protected] 
Acker, Derrick K  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8745  US [email protected] 
Acker, Karl L  TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-679-6927    [email protected] 
Acker, Matthew  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2262 2262  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Adam J  INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 415-553-7400 7303  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Caryn J  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 2855  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Devon P  FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 919-380-4574  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Fawn  TASK FORCE OFFICER 856-701-1924    [email protected] 
Ackerman, Gerard M  FIELD SUPERVISOR 303-630-6620  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Jeremy  SPECIAL AGENT 817-989-3329 3329  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Preston S  FIELD SUPERVISOR 405-290-3680  US [email protected] 
Ackerman, Rebecca T  MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8386 48386  US [email protected] 
Ackermann, Anita L  INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4176 4176  US [email protected] 
Ackerrothwell, Wanda E  CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 48198    [email protected] 
Ackland, Aaron M  SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2737  US [email protected] 
Ackles, Jason T  TASK FORCE 402-493-8688    [email protected] 
Ackley, Nicolle C  CONTRACTOR 703-632-8043  US [email protected] 
Ackley, Russell S  TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 7798  US [email protected] 
Acklin, Attie H  INTERN      [email protected] 
Ackman, Scott M  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-7770  US [email protected] 
Acocella, Thomas D  DETAILEE      [email protected] 
Acord, Christopher A  CONTRACTOR 304-625-2646    [email protected] 
Acors, Robert M  CONTRACTOR 703-632-7961  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Armelio  SUPVY ITSPEC 754-703-2290  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Ashley L  CONTRACTOR 202-324-0960  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Carlos O  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8760 8760  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Danny M  CONTRACTOR 703-985-2544  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Heidi  ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 754-703-2008  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Joe L  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-526-2351  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Mario R  TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Miguel  TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300  US [email protected] 
Acosta, Veronica M  INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 713-936-7203  US [email protected] 
Acquarola, Theresa M  OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-418-4031 4031  US [email protected] 
Acquavella, David F  SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 518-465-7551 4884  US [email protected] 
Acquavella, Laura M  TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 518-431-7250 7250  US [email protected] 
Acquaviva, Anthony  SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 617-742-5533 6351  US [email protected] 
Acree, Marcus D  CONTRACTOR 571-350-4474    [email protected] 
Acree, Michael R  TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO      [email protected] 
Acrey, Maricelly  INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 251-415-3223 3223  US [email protected] 
Acton, Kristen V  INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-287-6885  US [email protected] 
Adachi, Karla K  PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 818-902-4527  US [email protected] 
Adair, Andrew J  TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533  US [email protected] 
Adair, Austin W  CONTRACTOR 703-985-1229    [email protected] 
Adair, Gregory W  CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-985-4130  US [email protected] 
Adair, Jacqueline C  SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-1623 31623  US [email protected] 
Adair, Kevin A  INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 502-216-2010  US [email protected] 
Adakai, Gwendolyn K  TASK FORCE OFFICER 602-663-4567  US [email protected] 
Adam, Chance J  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2859  US [email protected] 
Adam, Charles E  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-998-7864  US [email protected] 
Adam, Joy  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4147  US [email protected] 
Adamcewicz, Lisa M  OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 203-503-5066  US [email protected] 
Adamczyk, Leslie  RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8316  US [email protected] 
Adame, Alisen M  INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 951-248-6569  US [email protected] 
Adames, Joshua  UNIT CHIEF 571-280-3661  US [email protected] 
Adami, Peter S  STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4329  US [email protected]
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