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[REPOST] 4 Major Database leaks [BlankMediaGaming, Canva, InterPals, Shotbow]
by JokerLow - December 26, 2019 at 10:35 PM
Hey everyone, its my pleasure to make my first post on RaidForums and I think posting some databases that I had the best luck in finding quality stuff would help others find quality accounts.

What I have prepared is leaks of 4 different databases:

-BlankMediaGaming (BMG): the format is email:pass
-Canva: the format is email:pass
-Interpals (Encrypted in MD5)
-Shotbow (Encrypted in SHA256)

With the enough resources and knowledge, the passwords can be decrypted on the two sites.

Release dates of the leaks:

-BlankMediaGaming was leaked in december 2018
-Canva was leaked in may 2019
-Interpals was leaked in 2015
-Shotbow was leaked in may 2016

All the leaks were added to a zip file, the size of the zip being made out of three notepads and a wordpad. 

The size of each database leak:

-BlankMediaGaming has 93.7MB
-Canva has 6.30MB
-Interpals has 663MB
-Shotbow has 172MB

Image proof of the zip file


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i no see how this different from a repost, all db here are on site
if u want cred post new db not same db as here
how many records canva email have: pass ????
This thread has been closed due to it being a repost, please check the official index & search before posting any more threads and make sure your database has not been posted yet.

Reposting can lead to a ban.

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