[REPOST] 18gb email+password collection (clear !)
thanks for this man!
I got a notification from "haveibeenpwned dot com" about being included in this list, I would download it and check if my credentials are correct or fake, or, if it is possible: could someone with it send me a PM? I'll give my email address exposed, he/she could send me a email to check that I'm the owner and later send me the password (or a tip of 3-4 characters) exposed to check if it is correct? Thanks.
thanks for sharing it!
thank you OP! That's quite a biggie ...
Thanks to the OP for this
thank for that bro !
How do I get points ?
Thanks a lot for this op! Looks great!
Thanks a bunch. I will take a look at this!
How do I get points?
thank you for the lsit
Think a couple of my emails are on this list :(

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