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[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]PROOF BEFORE PAYMENT is the thing to ask when you're not certain about any of these hackers which is why 94% of our customers recommended marcianomiguel51 @ gmail . com to other people 100% money back guaranteed Our staffs are veterans with cutting edge insight when it comes to executing hacks with an amazing track record of 96% success rate in all executed exploits since 2009 till date "’2019”. Discrete, secure and efficient satisfaction of our customers is our only goal and we will take your secrets to the grave with us.[/font][/font]

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Ban reason: Mass Spamming (5d, 15h, 1m remaining)
get ur shit together bro
COPY PASTE SCRIPTS DOES NOT A HACKER MAKE. So you claim to be a hacker do ya?  Well here is your chance to prove it. Register here
make it thru atleast LEVEL 3, post a screen shot and maybeeeee you can come back and boast about your mad hacking skills

(03-11-2019, 02:50 PM)raidflacs2k Wrote:  get ur shit together bro


somebody delete this bullshit as spam plz,
Nice work ill contact you bro

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