by Unregistered - 03-20-2015, 11:45 PM
Rules for posting programs

When posting any program you must give a full detailed instruction on what it does and how to use the program. You must also give a virustotal scan link (some programs will always show up as a virus). Ratting of our users of any kind will result in you being banned of the forum and not welcome in our community again. However when downloading any program listed on this forum you accept that we are not responsible for any harm caused to your device.

You may add a attachment to the post with your program but your programs must be accepted by a Administrator / above before it can be downloaded. Vouch copies can also be given to users you trust who can then leave feedback on your thread. Once your program has been accepted you must upload your program to either mega or mediafire any other links will be removed. Also when making your post you must supply pictures of the program in action. Leaking of any scripts from programs will result in a ban of the forum. 

When using these programs of our community you are using them at your own risk!

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