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RCS for PlugDJ
The Offical Plug is

How to get RCS for

1. Go to the chrome webstore
2. Download the extension


1. Go to
2. Drag the RCS button to your bookmark bar
3. Right click on your RCS bookmark
4. Type javascript:(function(){$.getScript('');}()); where it says URL
5. Now go to plug dj room and click on it, this will show an R on the top right of your screen, that is the settings page.

Now you will have a better experience and won't get logged while doing it

If RCS is down we will redirect the RCS bookmark to load PlugCubed instead

You can all thank @Predator (My BF)

To clarify, step 4 makes it so you don't send data to their stats server. It also allows us to redirect you to PlugCubed when RCS is down.
thnx m8, it reaaly helped a lot
@[MVP] Anna is sexy as fuck irl.
Pic: *BannedWebsite*/-dEuvkHTFV0Q/TnYkoTsKCyI/AAAAAAAAAJc/9PPayLm9DAo/s1600/Sexy+Girls+13.jpg
Would do it if i wasn't fucking banned
Heya guys,

Thanks so much for using RCS. However I am curious on how this "disables" logging. We collect stats so we can see how many unique users we have had and how many users are currently online and what community uses RCS the most.

I've checked your mirrored copy of RCS and I actually have no clue what the difference is.

Regardless of that, glad you like RCS. Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

Kind regards,
RCS Developer/ BA

PS: gg UMCOOKIES, i like bootloaders. I use GRUB.

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