by Cracking00 - November 14, 2019 at 12:28 PM
=====>>> ATTACKER ONLINE SHOP <<<=====

Offering RANSOMWARE Build Encrypt All Drive Software at Low Prices.

Its a Tool that allows you to build your OWN Ransomware , The built out ransomware is extremely dangerous that will take over the victim computers including all of his files and all of victims hard drive within all readable drives that can contains any files .
uses AES-256 and RSA-2048  military grade encryption algorithm which is new and cannot be cracked  , even if victim don`t pay attention to Ransomware Help text will not be able to recover his files and will lose them forever .

Terms Of use :

1) This tool designed to penetration testing
2) You are responsible for any illegal use
3) You are responsible for testing ransomware on your pc
4) illegal use of this software may lead you to prison
The reason for deliberate loss or encrypt files or deletion of any kind of data or information.
By agreeing to this Agreement, you hereby agree that you will not use the Software to cause intentional loss of data on a computer or electronic device that you are not authorized to access.
By accepting this Agreement, you, the User, agree to take full responsibility for the consequences that may result as well as full liability for accidental or intentional damage to any financials institutions including damage caused by computer downtime or failure.
What is AES-256  ?
AES stands for (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a variant of Rijndael which has a fixed block size of 128 bits, and a key size of 128, 192, or 256 bits. By contrast, Rijndael per se is specified with block and key sizes that may be any multiple of 32 bits, with a minimum of 128 and a maximum of 256 bits.
What is RSA-2048  ?
RSA encryption is often used in combination with other encryption schemes, or for digital signatures which can prove the authenticity and integrity of a message. It isn’t generally used to encrypt entire messages or files, because it is less efficient and more resource-heavy than symmetric-key encryption.
What does the RSA-2048 Virus do exactly?
Unfortunately you are dealing with an “encrypting” type of Ransomware. Using another form of malware – a Trojan horse more than likely, and one that you should look for too after you’ve dealt with the ransomware, to infiltrate your device it would soon begin scanning the files on your hard drive. The goal being to determine which of your files are most often accessed or otherwise used. A quick note here – no system files will be affected. After the initial scan has been completed the actual process of your “top priority” files being encrypted will begin.

Project For Sale:

1. Cyborg Builder Ransomware V2.0.1

2. Cyborg Builder Ransomware V1.0

3. Private Builder Ransomware V2.O.1

4. SaherBlueEagle Builder Ransomware

5. GoldenEye Builder v1.O+Source Code

6. Verci Spy System RAT Cracked

7. Petya Builder V1.O


[ Discord: Cyber_SpLiTTer#4990 ]

[ Email: [email protected] ]

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