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Recently a member of RaidForums gave me the link to a VPN service, they call themselves "RA4W VPN".
The first thing I noticed after going on their site is that it's a very clean, slick looking design. Unlike many sites which use basic HTML/CSS this site actually looked important.
The prices are cheap, if you're looking for a VPN that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, these guys may be for you.
However, as always they had pros/cons.
Here are the prices for VPN's:
$2.50/Month Monthly
$2.33/Month Quarterly
$1.91/Month Semi-Annually
$0.03/Month Lifetime (Roughly $20)

So yes, these guys have great prices and they actually seem like they care about their brand.
They have 20+ locations which I find very appealing, as I tend to get IP banned on many sites very quickly.
The downside to them, is that even though they have all these locations... They don't have the fastest speeds.. Which you may expect for such a low price but, the way they make it sound on their site makes it seem as if these speeds will load a page quickly.
Only several locations from RA4W VPN are fairly quick.
Ah, and also they are a OpenVPN company. Which means you need a software called OpenVPN in order to use their software and be anonymous/protected (be connected to a VPN) 
When I made a support ticket with them they responded faster then I expected, it was almost as if they were there waiting for me.
This is my honest review of them, meaning they aren't paying me to say "ohemgee they ROCK i luv em buy 2day" or someone else isn't paying me to say the exact opposite. I believe that RA4W VPN is a great service for the prices they have.
If you're looking for speed, they aren't for you.
If you're looking for security and no logs then they may be for you.

I rate RA4W VPN 7/10 stars
Don't get me wrong, they seem dedicated to their customers and seem very trustworthy.
But I'm more of a speed kinda guy, I love people who don't keep logs but at the same time I love people who have fast VPN's

I am not telling you "You need to buy this" or "if you buy this you suck ass" that's 100% up to you (I hope..)

If you'd like to visit their webpage, here's the link https://ra4wvpn.com
Thank you for reading my review of RA4W VPN.
Sorry if I made any typo's or if this isn't the greatest review.
It's 5:23am right now, I've been awake all night and I just wanted to get the review over with.
If you enjoyed my little review I'd highly appreciate it if you shared this thread with your friends or gave me +rep (or -rep if I did a horrible job at writing this)
Nice review
(09-23-2015, 12:34 PM)Paradox Wrote:  Dis r general discussions?

Great review tho

Well we don't exactly have a review section...
10/10 review although I don't think im gonna switch from PIA any time soon.
nice review, buying this tomorrow
nice shitposting and post reviving.
Great thread I really want to buy this VPN but I also like speed and no logs. What VPN would be good for that
Pretty good review.

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