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R a i d c h a n
We now have an 8chan board.
Make sure to post long term raids or just shitpost so we can advertise RF to 8chan.
Noice, will join
very nice, we might even get new members from this :D
We are currently tied with Red Letter Media. I want us to get high up on the boards rankings.
At least do something useful on that board. Don't just spam it with unfunny memes and pepe pics. Actually plan and carry out something.
Oh I'm sorry are you volunteering?
lol, why do we even need this?
Why wouldn't we need it?
To expand our reach and gloat about how dank our memes and inside jokes are.
Expand the memes that we steal from 4chan? Right, mate.
Raidforums + 8chan = Insurmountable Army of Keks

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