Python development for graphics development
by thelinuxnerd - June 10, 2020 at 03:22 PM
Im a web developer as people know. I think the future of software will be all web-based, on the cloud. Im interested in python for physics to develop web-based graphics apps. My question is what resources are there for physics /graphics engineering in python for graphics engineering? I google searched and this is one of the results I got from a college:

Its a free book from a college. I did college online from Openlearn, completed FreeCodeCamp and Im trying to do self education for web apps development now. Im volunteering on VolunteerMatch virtually to get experience and references from the field so i can get a development job.

I also got this:

I learn a lot better hands-on (through experience) and visual. I admit that I have trouble comprehending information from a book. Im not very detail oriented. Thats why I pretty much need to learn through experience or through videos. Im wondering what other python for graphics engineering resources there are for web development self education?

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