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Python blackhat coder
Code whatever you need in python. Crackers, crwlers, malwares etc.

PHP and JS if you wanna go out phising or something LOL

Hit me up on PM
i actually do have something in python i need got a way i can contact you?
if you got jabber, give it to me in PM and I get back to you OTR
Service still available
Can you edit public exploits to make them work for different OS . (python ofc)
please be more detailed what u need. exploits based upon operating systems can generally not be "converted" to work on others. like eternalblue would never work on mac or linux for example.
pm me please . i try to send u msg
@[VIP] sleepy99 sent you a PM.
do you have a portfolio? you can make a full fake, of just coding? iny prices for fakes?
is there anything you want to write in python. I can help you with that
@itsmynew portfolio? fakes? please send PM with what you need (detailed) and we take it from there
(05-17-2018, 12:03 PM)dosqt Wrote:  @itsmynew portfolio? fakes? please send PM with what you need (detailed) and we take it from there

can you do literally any site or? have one that is not that hard but is a bit tough

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