Putin passes law that will ban VPNs in Russia
by Ravioli - 07-31-2017, 11:56 AM
Lolll. You guys believe it will work? It won't. Look at China the govt tryna protect internet and prohibit VPNs for years but it's almost impossible.
Also what's about proxy? And socks5 and so on
I'm sure Russians will find the way to protect their freedom of using internet
Dictator Putin back at it again lmao.
wow i did not know that.
You do know that people won't really care seeing as software will always be available to use for there country.
It's very fucking ridiculous how more and more countries restrict internet freedom. You could think that the Snowden affair would have changed people's minds, but nooo??!!
What will they do with out all their state sponsored hackers using VPNs now...
It seems that he wants to win Turkey with bans ... but there always has been some way to bypass protection
Putin has turned russia into the modern version of the Soviet Union and the west havent even realized it. He bought out the german kansler to get his gas Piplines all the way thorugh europe. And now they have the power. Same goes for Trump he is controlled by Putin too!
Even if this law is "hard" to enforce... it is a "dark" day for the russians...
This is meaningless a ban on a vpn means actually nothing if you actually know what you are doing you would realize this changes close to nothing especially if your using a vpn to commit criminal acts. Good job hyping up the government is bad thing tho because they really are lmao.
(08-08-2017, 12:36 PM)Hypervisor Wrote: VPS+OpenVPN = ez profit

The next step is to ban VPS  Biggrin
putin tries to stabalize the mood of the population

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