Database - Leaked, Download!
by Loki - June 10, 2016 at 09:05 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded's Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In approximately July 2015, the Sony Playstation hacks and mods forum known as PS3Hax was hacked and more than 447k accounts were exposed. The vBulletin forum included IP addresses and passwords stored as salted hashes using a weak implementation enabling many to be rapidly cracked.

Compromised data: Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames

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(July 01, 2016 at 05:03 PM)lena71 Wrote: Thanks for the db, can't wait for more posts.

Son, you can't even unlock it boy.
Since when were you 1337 as fuck?
Ahhh. Been looking for this. Thanks :D
(December 23, 2016 at 02:02 AM)Doxable62 Wrote: PS3Hax nice database thougt it was private

hey buddy its time to stop posting ok Smile
That's great. Thank you so much.
Such a nice database :D
Thanks for sharing this leak.
Does this work? How do I get the database?
Thanks for sharing this leak.
thx bro! I'll use it to do something~~
Ty for this nice leaks +1

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