ProtonVPN Open Enrollment
by Logan - 07-16-2017, 01:01 AM
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So this is apparently done by the ProtonMail guys. I'd love to know what the catch is... Do they keep logs? Block certain services? I feel like there simply MUST be a catch here. It only makes sense.
First I agree that if you are not the costumer you are the product

However when talking about Protonmail, they are submitted to all privacy checks everything there is pretty open.
So there is a possibility that they are privacy enthusiasts. But it is impotent to remember they also have a paid service (the same is the case with their email)
I love their mail services and I'm also in the wishlist for the VPN....

You can't trust anyone but among other providers I believe that they are the good guys
Bought the ProtonVPN. Speeds are okay. Nothing special about this VPN. Client is still buggy and ipleak does not work with secure core.

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