Project: Mayday
by Penguin - September 12, 2015 at 07:12 PM
So RF keeps going down for no shti reason cuase we have shitty hosting Kappa
and we have a bad CDN @[VIP] Cridet
"24/7 security team" kys

Next time we'll be prepared boys
Project: Mayday is dedicated to a second RF just in case we get taken down.
We don't give one shit if we get a lawsuit from one of the biggest streaming companies in the world
we're in Romania bitches they can't touch
they can't get our IPs
Cridet's CDN protects our real ip and Cridet's server is in Syria and some shit coutnry in the middle east cause he works with Isis Kappa

So we shall be prepared

I'm too lazy to code html so one of u fags do it Kappa

But I just basically wanna be prepared instead of gettin 50 skype messages says "RF IS RIP"

BTW: If you add me on skype i will dox u Kek
[Image: 4645403225_6a00d83452532269e2017ee7dca07a970d_250wi.gif]

Just kill your update checker, never shut down pc and you should be fine.

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