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Priv8 Colombia Goverment Exploit (SQLi)
Title: Priv8 Colombia Goverment WebSites (SQLi)
Server: Apache
author research: KelvinSecurity
Produt: ITS Gestion
Dork: ext:php Powered by: ITS Soluciones Estratégicas [email protected]

Links & Parameters:
Link: ModeloCSJ / listado_maestro_documentos_externos.php? id_proceso =
parametro_SQL_Inyeccion: id_proceso =
http: // id_proceso = ``

Fault description: An SQL injection attack consists of the insertion or "injection" of an SQL query through the input data from the client to the application. A successful SQL injection exploit can read confidential data from the database, modify the data of the database (Insert / Update / Delete).

List Of Customers

TELEANTIOQUIA - informative page
Superior council of the judiciary - government page
FONADE - Government page
MEN - Government page
INternational Finance Corporation - Banking Corporation
DNP - Government Page
Confecamaras - Network of commerce
COLCIENCIAS - Government Page
SNR - Superintendence of notarial and registration
General Prosecutor Of the Nation
Chamber of Commerce Bogota
Credit Bank

Photo webshell up example:

[Image: proshell9.png]
Ban reason: Carding is against the rules. (Permanent)
thanks for sharing u are the best
Original hermano gracias! Neciando... Smile

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