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Press F to pay respects
Dear Users of Raidforums,
for those who don´t know, we lost a part of Raidforums a few hours ago. Our mod Moot (aka Sean) got doxed and after that he disappeared. I don´t know if he will ever come back, but I don´t really think so. Moot always wanted to be a mod, he said so on Teamspeak several times and was very excited when he finally got accepted and he took his job seriously. He was always nice and didn´t even swear a lot, but that was his weakness.
I won´t give you the dox because I don´t support the doxing of a staff member. If you want the dox ask techpony, he will probably give it to you.

Good Night, sweet prince.

Rip, Moot, he was a trully great member. Fuck Roxy for making the dox.
You never know he might come back.
In the meantime...

i hope he comes back...

awwww nooo

Don't worry he will return more powerful than any of us mortals can fathom
Moot will always be in my hear F 


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