Presidential 2020
by Rhjejwjd - May 17, 2019 at 12:34 PM
Judging by the current candidates for the Dems it's looking like a landslide victory for Trump again tbh
kanye aint winnin man he doesn't wanna run against trump
no trump please
for démocrate
it's a good question!
Trump as there's peace and a good economy. He needs to build the wall though. The DNC is full of insane commies. Biden is your typical politician so they'll run him. But he's a liar, plagiarist since the 70's ffs haha and pervert. Also, his kid is an admitted crackhead and major thief thanks to daddy which will comeback to bite him in the ass during the election. He's also ancient. It's really disgusting how none of these Democrats care about American citizens whosoever. They've been making some laughable, over the top promises about 'free' things but that's just election nonsense.
Republicans and democrats as 2 poltical major parties is terrible, if trump loses republicans r gone lol
Anyone but Bernie.... any other one will be ok.. just not this commie.
LOL theRock vs. Oprah vs. Kanye full royal rumble campaign
kanye west has my vote for sure
trump is idiot why vote for him
I think some of the democrats will do well in the debates ahead. I don't know if a victory for Trump is for certain, but definitely some competition on ideas.
at this point i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't someone from Love Island....god help us all haha

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