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First draft

Ever since the inception of raid forums our dear leader 'predator' was struggling to find trustworthy members to administrate his forum, free of charge of course. This need... This passion for finding a suitable member killed him inside and sped up his mental deterioration and exacerbated one of his less known mental disorders this was his schizophrenia. Because of this, he somehow formed a large amount of alter personalities which he used to administrate his website. This started off as a simple split personality Just Predator and Soommit, as raid forums grew so did these personalities even to the point where more split off from it, this included 'Hisoka' which is now a reformed personality which pred doesn't have any use for, later on, came dad, sem and Crystalline, these personalities were by far his most intelligent and sophisticated.

Often at nights, he would need to use what he called his... Family to comfort him he would often ask "Why can't we just get members to pay for staff ranks, I'll make millions," He said in jest. Crystalline chucked at this joke but identified predators pain, he had no-one to call his own... No one to trust emotionally. Yes, of course, he could take out his frustrations this is how Nain E. Levon was created as a method of relieving predators anger. As a reaction to this predator's subconscious created the infamously known... Juno...
Somewhat mistaken with Janith Galappathy but was secretly preds method of loving another human, little did he know this was just another projection of his subconscious. Predators mother walked in one night whilst he assumed the personality of Juno whilst she was on one of her notorious 'Small' banning sprees she was... Disturbed by this sight and pulled predator into therapy faster than you can say "Free small"

As predator made his way through therapy and made quite substiantal progress he begun to question his other personalities, Mainly Juno and Dad this ended in him lashing out and destroying almost any trace of them, be it on the site or in his subconscious.

As far as we know predator has still not made peace with himself or his family but he is making progress.

Just the first draft, might turn it into a novella.

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