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Prank Calls - Looking for People
Looking for people who are willing to ACTIVELY participate in prank calls with either:
- soundboards
- numbers
- their own mic
- kekworthy ideas for calls?

...and not just fucking camp in the Google Hangouts and listen in.
If you'd be interested PM me and I'll be sure to PM you links to any prankcalls that are going on.
(05-09-2015, 08:14 PM)Dextrose Wrote:  - numbers

I don't even prank call numbers. Who even does that!!!
I could probably think of some good ideas but I have no clue how to use a soundboard as my mic xD
I usually call tech support numbers and shit. I have quite low and depressed voice. My google account is mafiso95
call-in shows

really should recommend c-span

you can't get in trouble for prank calling

it's their call-in show called washington journal

it's on TV every day from 7am-10am eastern time

you have to be up early and make sure they're accepting calls at that time

good luck you fuks

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